Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cuz we country and that's what we do

Growing up, I had a favorite aunt named Sheryl. I am told I favor her a lot. She is beautiful and always had long beautiful hair. One day I was visiting my mom and we were talking about family. The conversation went like this:

Mom: So yeah your aunt Sharon
Me: Sharon? Who's Sharon?
Mom: Sharon Q, you know your aunt Sharon?
Me: No I know (starts naming aunts then gets to Sheryl's name)
Mom: Yeah Sheryl, that's Sharon
Me: : What? Is Sheryl her first name?
Mom: No
Me: Is Sheryl her middle name?
Mom: No
Me: So why do we call her Sheryl? Is she named after someone?
Mom: No
Me: : Mom I am lost please explain why we don't call her Sharon if that's her name
Mom: Her name is Sharon but we call her Sheryl, cuz we country and that's what we do. We muck up folks name and give them one that is easy for us to remember. Sheryl is close enough.
Gotta love family. Q

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Days like These! said...

I wonder what she would call me! ;)