Saturday, September 20, 2008

I got some bags too

We went to El Paso this weekend and I went inside their Ross and went crazy. Here are some of my purchases. I didn't mean to leave the tag on the first one. Just about all of these were on clearance sale too. I am done for awhile. Next up is clothes for my new body!!! Q

This is a Tommy Hilfiger purse

This is a nine west purse.

I love this XO purse because it goes with some boots I just purchased.

This is another Nine West purse.

I usually don't like a lot of monogram purses but I love this one by Liz Claiborne. Monnie I know you are so proud of me!!! Q


foreverloyal said...

I have to say the liz claiborne bag is nice. The monogram pattern is unique, more like graphic art than your run-of-the-mill monogram.

Anonymous said...

Queeny, your blog is Great, Thanks for sharing. I love Ross too, that's my store. My sister lives in Houston and I can't pull her in Ross, she says the store in her area is complete chaos on the weekend, very messy and junkie. I live in Austin and the Ross that I go to is very neat and tidy. I have found some Excellent buys there.