Monday, June 30, 2008

Self esteem assignment #1

So I was chosen to be a mentor by a few ladies on a board I am a member of. I was so blessed and honored that they chose me. One of the things we are working on is self esteem. I must admit I wasn't always confident about myself. But over time, I've really learned to love myself. The first assignment for last week was for them to make a list of all the positive things in their life. Not a list of the things they liked about themselves but positive things. For instance, I have a wonderful husband, I have 3 great kids, I have a great job etc.

Once a person does that, they will be amazed at how many good things they have going on in their lives. I also told them that whenever they felt down, to pull out the list and say it out loud and to actually visualize the things listed. I've already received reports of how it helped them and I am so happy. Now it's your turn. Make a list of all the positive things in your life and look at it whenever you feel negative thoughts or emotions rising. Take care Q


BxGhanaJewel said...

Welp..I got to play catch up. Cause I sure didn't know bout assignment 1. lol

Amy (Hil84)

miss_eddy said...

I plan to do this one too!

Silent Kandy Screamz said...

I know I did this last week, and it really made me feel a lot better about myself!