Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

To all the Fathers out there, I hope you enjoy your day. As usual my girls went above and beyond. They gave their dad lots of handmade gifts. They even made him a crown that says, "#1 Dad" and a scepter to go with it. Here is a pic:

Destiny and Bria made personal cards and here are some pics.
This one is Bria's

On the inside it reads, "Dad you make the garden grow. We as your seeds, are your children. Water us with things we need to know and we will grow just like you."

This is Destiny's card:

It says, "Happy Father's Day. I am going to like you today!"

Gotta love the kids. Q


t.kay said...

Those cards were very sweet! It's also very thoughtful that they made their dad king for a day. You have a beautiful family :)

Queeny20 said...

Thanks t.kay, our kids are the best!!! Q