Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New hair products and a review

One of the wonderful members from a board I am apart of sent me a private message one day. She was also my secret Santa this past Christmas and she gave me some wonderful gifts. Anyway she told me that she just recently created some hair products and wanted me to try them on the girls' hair. I said sure and I felt so honored. First let me say how shocked I was because she sent me full sized bottles of almost her entire line.

First the name of the line is Jasmine's Bath and Beauty Products. I received 5 products total. They were the shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, detangling leave in spray, the cream rinse and the coconut conditioning masque. I used everything except for the masque on the girls. Why? Because I am saving that for me and what. So anyway here is the info.

Shampoo- First a little goes a long way. It lathers extremely well. What I loved about it is the way it made their hair feel. It felt clean but not stripped. It was conditioned but it wasn't sticky. I can't explain it because no shampoo has ever done that. Their hair was soft just from using it.

Super moisturizing conditioner- It was creamy but not to thick. It did not leave the hair heavy and coated and rinsed out well.

Cream Rinse- it was thicker than the conditioner- I put it on the girls' hair and did the steam treatment. This is really a keeper for Destiny because her hair gets super dry but after rinsing, it was soft and moisturized.

Detangling Leave In Spray- I don't even want to tell yall about this because I know it is going to be out of stock soon. When I first saw it in the bottle, I was shocked because it is thick and it is in a spray bottle. That tells me that she didn't just put a lot of water and crap in it but quality ingredients. Seriously it doesn't just wet the hair, it coats it. It doesn't leave it heavy but silky so when you comb or brush, it just glides. When it first goes on, it feels a little greasy but as you work it in it is not greasy at all. Can I say I love this stuff?!!!! Yup it is right up there with my beloved Pantene hair mask. Seriously words cannot describe it at all. It is that good!!! Yup it helped with Bria. Yall know how I've been struggling with her hair and man, the tangles didn't stand a chance.

I already know the masque will be the bomb so I don't even need to try it to write about it. Let me also say she was also nice enough to send the girls some of her homemade lip balm and a shampoo bar for me!!! So there you have it. Yall know how serious I am about my hair and my kids' hair and these products are the truth. You get what you pay for and they are worth every dime. I will take some pics of the girls' hair tomorrow so you can see just how healthy and moisturized it looks.

Thank you D for allowing me to try your products. You have a brand new customer for life. Don't forget me when you hit the big time and go on Oprah!!! Q

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Kameisha said...

please show us the hair results when you use the product please!!
Also any suggestions on how to trat damaged edges?