Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I wonder (The conclusion)

My best friend looked at me with fear in her eyes too. She said "if he kills you, he is going to have to kill me too". Then we tried to act normal and walk past him with our head down even though we knew he had seen me. Someone grabbed my arm and I turned quickly to face him. Just then my best friend jumped in front of me and said "hey L.A. what's up?". He nodded at her and smiled all the while trying to go around her to get to me. "Where you been?" she asked. "Oh I got locked up on some stupid sh*t but I am back out now", he responded. Then he looked at me and said "come here". I said "no". "Come here I said I just want to talk to you". By now he is following me as I walk around my best friend trying to avoid him. We both noticed that he was moving slow and stumbling.

She turned to him and said "L.A. what's wrong with you, are you drunk?" "Yeah I just drunk some Saint Ides and Mad dog 20/20" and then he laughed. Then he said to my friend "tell your girl to come here so I can talk with her. I promise I will leave her alone if she just talks to me". She said "L.A. whatever you can say to her you can say to me" as she continued to stand in front of me. Just then I stepped to the side of her and said "what do you have to say?" He laughed and said "oh you are bold now huh, I like that. I always liked that about you, you are the only one that would fight me back". "I miss you do you miss me?" "No", I said. "I still love you, do you love me?" "No I don't." "So what you got another n*gga or something?' he asked. "Yes I do" I said hoping that would care him off. Then all of a sudden the rage returned to his eyes and he was coming towards me, I stepped to the side and he stumbled past me. His fist just barely missed me.

He was now behind us so we both turned around to face him with our fists up ready to fight. He took another swing and missed. Then he launched towards me and was able to grab me and put me in a bear hug. "Get off of me I yelled." "I love you, why don't you love me?" My best friend is trying to get him off of me and at the same time he is kissing me all over my face. I was able to break free and push him off. "You are crazy" I yelled. "I know" he said as he smiled. "L.A. I swear if you put your hands on me, I am going to jail tonight. I am sick of this sh*t and I am sick of you. You call yourself a man. Men don't put their hands on women. How would you like it if someone put their hands on your sister or your mother? So you do what you gotta do and let's get this over with. I ain't afraid to die", I told him.

I must have looked and sounded crazy because my best friend was in shock and he just stood there looking and thinking. Then he said "forget you, I got another girl who gives it up to me anyway so you ain't worth my time." "Well if you have moved on and I have moved on, why are you standing here bothering me? Go on to your new girl then. You move on with your life and I will move on with mine." He said nothing but just stared with his eyes red as if he was still trying to decide what to do. "Let's go" I said to my best friend. We turned to walk away all the while I am scared hoping, praying that he doesn't run up and stab me from behind or shoot me. But I knew I had to be strong because as long as he thought I feared him, he would continue to terrorize me.

We slowly walked taking big steps farther and farther away from him. When we got to the corner to cross the street we turned to see the tall, slender, figure with dreads walking in the other direction. We both sighed and then ran like heck. That was the last time I seen or heard from L.A.

I wonder whatever happened to him.
I wonder if he went to jail or if he was killed.
I wonder if he ever got over the issues that made him do the things he did.
I wonder how many other girls fell victim to him.
I wonder what would have happened to me if I would not have stood my ground.
I wonder.... Q


alynxx said...

Gosh you and your friend are brave! You've got a good friend in her! This is a great story and you will be a strong role model for your daughters!

alynxx said...

Gosh you and your friend are brave! You've got a good friend in her! This is a great story and you will be a strong role model for your daughters!