Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Album Review: Bac of My Lac- J Holiday

Thanks to Letitia, I decided to start reviewing the albums I have purchased as of late. I wanted to start with J Holiday because this cd is in heavy rotation in my player. Here is the review I wrote for

I was on the look out for J Holiday ever since I saw the "Be with me" video. Then "Bed" was released and I was even more excited. I read about how he wanted to bring R & B back and waited with anticipation. Boy did he deliver. I listened to the album via BET the week prior and I was hooked. This is truly one of those "My Life" type albums where you can just put it in, press play and just sing along.

I was a little disappointed that he had an advisory on his album but thankfully I ordered the clean version via He has a little bit of something for everybody. If you want to dance listen to "Betcha Never Had" and "Come Here". You can also groove to "Ghetto", "Thug Commandments", and "Without You". Then he has those begging down on bended knee, baby I'm begging baby I'm begging, begging baby type joints like "Suffocate", "Fatal", "Fallin" and my favorite, "Pimp in Me". His falsetto in "Pimp in Me" gave me chills!!!

There are also the little things that no one else would notice that make this album great like the guitar in the background of "Bed" and "Fallin" and the background vocals in "Fatal" and "Fallin". You can tell he thought of everything because those little things make a song sound totally different. Overall I am extremely impressed and hope he continues to stick to the formula he used for this album for any future albums minus the cuss words. The cherry on the top is there are no guest appearances on this album which is rare in this day and age. Thanks to J Holiday, I think R & B will be making a comeback!!! Q

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