Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish but.... Part 2

I decided to finish it over here so the other post wouldn't be so long.

Stop Whining!!!
Whew goodness I can't take whining. Not from kids and esp not from grown folks. Man if some folks would spend as much time they spend whining on doing something productive, their life will be so much better. Now I understand stuff happens. Heck I've had my share of pity parties too. But all the time? Every freaking month? Go back and read my YOU series because you really need too. Talking and whining and crying won't change a thing. Esp if you are focusing on your past. You can't change it, you can't make it better, so move the heck on already. If you keep finding yourself in mucked up situations, then you are the reason and no one else. I honestly think some people live off the attention that mess brings them. Oh so and so, you are pretty, you are a good person, it's okay, I'm here for you, blah blah blah blah blah. Not me, not the kid. Once I notice a pattern I check out. I'll say one quick prayer and then I'm done. If you are tired of being fat, lose weight. If you are tired of being broke, spend less, and save more. It's much simpler than people realize.

Oh our beloved celebrities
. The people we put in the place of God. Some folks will cuss you out if you talk about their celeb but won't say boo when someone curses God. Then we get all upset and mad when our precious celeb does something wrong in our eyes. We are so shocked and hurt and upset. They are people too. They have to put their pants on one leg at a time, if you (allegedly) bust them upside the head with a golf club, they will bleed. I mean really. What you should do is hold them accountable when it comes to what they are supposed to do. Stop supporting folks who put out crappy albums with nothing but fluff and catchy songs. Stop going to their concerts and making them rich. And when they do mess up, stop being so quick to give them passes or make excuses for them. "Oh well what did she do, or what did he do to her?" Heck to that, wrong is wrong. Call them out on it just like you would anyone in your life. Don't give them a pass simply because their poster is hanging on your wall.

And while I am on the topic of men and women, it's time for us to man up and woman up. The standards today for men and women have been lowered BIG TIME. I mean really? Really? Listen I know we are human and we make mistakes but some stuff we can avoid. You know like cheating on our spouses and stealing money from folks. You don't just wake up screwing someone you are not married to. It takes time and planning, and skill. Way before you get to the actual act, you have plenty of time to not do it. We also need to be responsible in other areas. If you owe someone, pay them. If you did something wrong, apologize. And stop lumping men and women into all these categories. Well all men cheat and all women do this and that. How do you know? I don't believe you, you need more people. I believe there is more good men who are faithful to their wives. Who understand any man can cheat but REAL MEN keep the vows they make. I believe there are more great mothers who will bite the head off a rattlesnake to save her child than there are those who would sell their child into sex slavery for some drugs.

And speaking of parents. Le sigh!!! It amazes me to see parents put on these elaborate shows to convince their child that Santa exists but once Christmas is over, they don't spend any time with that child. Too many parents are letting the tv, internet, game systems and teachers raise their children. Now I will be the first one to say, I used to look forward to the Supremes growing up. But now, I am happy my 11 year old, acts and looks like an 11 year old. We are too quick to make our kids grow up. We push them away as soon as they can walk or talk. But that's when the real parenting begins. We can tell you the colors of Mac's blush line but can't tell you when was the last time we went on a field trip, or a school event. Your children are not your friends. Above everything else, they need our love and our time. If you start good habits while they are young, they will continue. I get mad when folks act like their children are burdens. They didn't ask to be here!!! Esp when their are folks who would love to have kids and can't. Turn the tv off, and play games with them. Log off twitter and read with them. Stop buying them McDonald's making them fat, and cook healthy foods with them. Nothing to do on the weekends, go to the library with them. Go to a craft store like Hobby Lobby and do something fun with them. Learn a new language or how to play an instrument right along with them. On the flip side, stop pushing them to be baby geniuses. Yes they need to work on schoolwork but give them a chance to be kids too. Oh and rethink your old school ways because real talk esp for African Americans, if that stuff worked, we would be in better positions than we are now. It's okay if your kids speak proper English, or don't know the songs to every Lil Wayne song. You don't have to spank them every time they do something wrong. Maybe if you spent more time with them, they wouldn't act out so much.

Lastly, if God be God, let Him be God.
If you believe God can do all things but fail, then let Him do it. Don't limit Him or say well I am just this way or that way. Because then you don't believe. If you are going to let go and let God, don't go back and try to put your hand in it or try to help God. God doesn't need your help!!!

Okay I'm done for real. I love all of you and I pray what I have said will make you examine some of the things you have said or done in your life. With the new year coming in, let us all resolve to better. Let's be better men, women, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, and friends. Find people who are like you and striving to be better and encourage them. Put a stop to the foolishness you see and hear and watch the company you keep. Stop the gossiping, lies, whining and cattiness. Above all, always put God first PERIOD. Q


tanyetta said...

Please, don't stop now. You have to make a trilogy!

No, I'm serious.

Thank You.

P.s. Two verses were the topic oin today's faith section of the paper.
Proverbs 16:28 and
Ephesians 4:29.

Queeny20 said...

Naw girl I'm done. Whoo hoo those scriptures are on point. I can't speak for anyone else but I am really trying to be better. That's what all of this is about. Love you girlie and so thankful for your friendship this past year!!! Q

My Life in the Sunshine said...

Hollerrrrr!!!! You steady dropping more jems, I see. LOL!

Andrea Amir said...

Thank you Queeny for taking the time so speak pure truth. I really wish more people took a look at themselves and examined where they could make improvements, You touched on soo much.. I have to go back and reread just to digest it all.

Sana Perry said...

Everything you spoke was truth. thanks for being such an inspiration!