Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish but....

Before 2009 ends, I just need to get some things off my chest. I figured today was the best day to do it since folks will probably get over it once tomorrow comes. :) Anyway, this year has been one for the record books. Not just in the world but in my life as well. I can look back and see how I've grown and how much growth is still needed. I can't say I am perfect, but I am better and getting better everyday. Those who know me, know I don't hold my tongue, EVER. That's just not my style. This is not being passive aggressive or taking shots at anyone. This is stuff I've seen, been a part of or needed to check myself about in the past year. So this post isn't going to be different. I know it may set some folks off but I hope it makes you mad enough to take a good look, stop what you are doing, and make things better. Okay? Ready, set, go!!!!

To my fellow Christian brothers and sisters
please study the word for yourself. I am tired of these crazy backwards sayings being applied to God when they don't have any biblical foundation whatsoever. Stop putting God in your box and trying to get Him to conform to your ways. You should conform to His. And stop getting mad telling Him what you will and won't do like you are doing something special. God will still be God whether you serve Him or not. Stop half stepping when it comes to serving Him. Fornication is a sin, lying is a sin, adultery is a sin, cursing is a sin. Just because you haven't murdered someone, that doesn't make you an angel. You are still a sinner so repent. Don't get mad when you don't receive the blessings you deserve when you are shacked up with someone day in and day out.

Which brings me to my next point:

Ladies please, please, please demand more respect for yourself. I know some of yall will say Oh Q you can say this and that because you are married. But let me tell you something, I love myself enough to not settle. Believe that!!! Trust T wasn't the only dude that wanted to be with me. I turned down plenty because I knew they weren't about anything. Stop begging, pleading, crying and acting crazy to try to get some dude to "put a ring on it." Beyonce' got yall heads messed up. Maybe him not putting a ring on it,is a blessing in the disguise. He is probably not the one for you. I don't believe it takes a man years or you having to tell him the benefits of being married for him to do it. Maybe he wants to be married, just not to you. Maybe he is waiting for the right one to come along and just keeping you around because he doesn't want to be alone. Why deal with that? You see the signs, you know he is not the one, so instead of waiting for him to break your heart, take control and end it yourself. Stop giving it up to dudes and look deeper than how fine he is, or how much money he got.

My next point, log off and live life!!!
I love the internet don't get me wrong. I love being on twitter, FB, and my blog. But some people have taken it too far. Their life revolves around the computer screen and their e-friends and foes they come in contact with online. I mean really if someone can say something on a site to set you off, make you cry, or make you feel bad about your life then you need to get it together. If the only people you have to discuss your life with is folks you only know by their screenname, then you need to log off and get some real friends. Folks are literally letting life pass them by because they are hung up on folks they have never seen or met. Taking advice from people, envying folks and changing your life just because ImSoSexyAndYouNot83 said it, is not the business okay. If you get off work and rush home just to log to the computer instead of calling up a good friend, or reading a good book, Houston YOU have a problem. Understand the folks you "think" you know could be blowing smoke in your face. They will have you thinking you need to be a certain size, wear certain clothes, eat at certain places, and on and on when really you need to just be you. They are probably fat, broke, and manless but yet you are hanging on to their every word like they Jesus. Take what is said and posted online with a grain of salt. If you are having problems in life, being on the internet all day won't make them go away. Log off and spend some time, living in the real world.

Lastly, if you are over the age of 25, it's way past time to grow the heck up.
This year I made it a mission to stop being caught up in a bunch of gossip, drama, and foolishness. It was rough going at first because who doesn't like to hear some good gossip? But when I took a good hard look, I realized I was just like the people that didn't like me. If I wanted to be better, I had to do better and I did. I removed myself from some forums because they made it too easy for me to get caught up. But even though I have put that behind me, some folks haven't. They are still doing the same old same old. If all you do is post on a bunch of forums talking about folks, stirring up drama behind the scenes, sniggling and and giggling at folks all day, you need a life. SERIOUSLY!!! If you are friends with someone who gossips, keeps mess going, and is all around messy, don't be surprised if they do the same to you. It's time for folks to grow up and instead of tearing folks down, you should try to build them up. And stop playing follow the leader being mad with folks because your e-friend doesn't like them. Stand alone and make decisions for your own self. Everyone isn't going to get along. That doesn't mean you have to jump in on one side and try to bully someone else. And if you don't like the person so much, then don't talk to them, twitter them, or worry about them. Oh and stop being mad cuz folks like me and you don't. Trying to throw salt and discredit me reflects badly on you and not me. If I am such a bad person then folks will see it. Or maybe I'm not and you just want me to be. Either way, if you don't like me, keep my name outcha mouth. I mean who does that? Get a life already!!!

Whew that felt good. I know I will probably edit this because I have more to add but this is a start!!! Q


Hijabi Apprentice said...

Love it!!!

bigDEElight said...

LAWD GAWWWWDD JEEEBBAAA *CORNER SHOUT* Even this comment here is going to give fodder to fools who wish to discuss my every move! If I ever did something to offend you & makes you hold a grudge, forgive me because I'm truly sorry. But if you know in your heart you just mad at me because of God's favor in me, suck it up and get over it! That ain't changing, GET CHO life right! LAWD GAWD I'm feeling this all up & through here!

tanyetta said...

Yes! Yes! I will be sure to pass along this link. The message is very clear! Thank You! Happy New Year!

MrsSaditty said...

Yes Lord!!! I can't add anything because you've said it all---especially "log off and love life"!!!

RhapsodyDiva said...

Girl that was so timely and a lovely end to 2009. I am feeling this post so much. Hello 2010...

My Life in the Sunshine said...


You spoke nothing but the gospel truth Q!