Thursday, November 19, 2009

When will I see Vince Carter play? Part 3

Twenty three more days left. I am so very excited like a kid in a candy store. I can't believe this is finally going to happen!!! I've been having dreams about him a lot. In all of them, I had a chance to meet him but I'm so frozen and so scared, that I chicken out. Last night I had a very vivid one. It was myself, and my girls Ten, Mari and Candy. We had a plan and was ready to go. They were going to be distractions during halftime so I could sneak and meet Vince. First we were late getting to the game because I had to be just right. Then we had drama with our tickets. When we finally got seated, it was halftime and in walks my mom. (Random yeah I know.) VC is in the bleechers right in front of us. I mean I could reach out and touch him. His trainer is stretching out his leg or something. My mom tells me to go over there but I can't. So she does. She embarasses the heck out of me. He smiles, and motions for me to come over but I can't. My legs won't move. All I can do is smile. Finally halftime is over and he has to get back into the game. My kids all laugh at me and I'm kicking myself. I really hope I don't freeze like that in real life. LOL Q

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