Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yesterday I had one of those hilarious discussions with the Supremes. I transferred D and K to a new school at the end of August. Prior to that, they were all attending the same school. Well B and D informed me of just how "popular" K was at their previous school. In their words, "K was the most popular first grader." She was the leader of about a group of 6-7 girls and 2 boys. The boys acted as guards or secret service and the girls were just her court so to speak. Her Vice President was a little girl she was good friends with. The person after that was another little girl that she sometimes had issues with. Sounds like the President doesn't it?

Well after listening more, I also found out that not only was she protected by this group, they would literally surround her from other kids. Even her own sisters had to get permission to approach her. I kid you not!!!! B told me if they approached the group, the boys would jump out in front and question them. Then someone would let K know who would then say yes or no as to whether or not they could speak to her. Bwhahahahahahaha This group would pretty much follow K around as well. I wonder if they would take a spit ball for her? LOL

Whew my kids, my kids. I told yall she was a natural born leader!!!! Q


Amy T said...

Comedy. I mad they screened her own sisters lmao

CreoleInDC said...

That's T-Monnie's girl!

Mz. SassynKlassy said...

Just too funny Q!!! lol Barack watch out!