Saturday, April 04, 2009

Todays braid out

I washed my hair last night. I did about 10 braids in my hair and let it dry overnight. Today I wore a nice little braid out. My shirt was yellow so of course I had a rock a matching flower. Neicy Nash ain't got nothing on me!!! Q


Anonymous said...

LOVE it, Q!!!

Anonymous said...

1)How did you get your braid out to look so polished?
2)Is your hair relaxed or natural?

Queeny20 said...

Thanks Anon.
1) I just used my fingers on the braids instead of a comb. It opens them up a little without getting rid of the waves. I'd put hairveda's whipped cream on it while it was wet and then braided.

2)I am natural. Q

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I want to do that. I'm growing natural too =)

Sheree said...

My little brother said "Is that even real? I said "Yes, and mines is going to be just like it, with her advice=)"

Queeny20 said...

@Sheree- Yes I get that a lot. You will be there before you know it. Q