Thursday, January 25, 2007

Love and Pain

Pain is the one thing that all of us share as human beings. No matter what color, culture, age, race, or country. We have all had our share of pain in our lives. Love is what we all need and want. It is what keeps us going when we feel down, what pushes us when things get rough, and what we will do anything for.

I was just thinking about some of my friends and how love and pain connects me to all of them. First there is me, Queneesha. I experienced the pain of not having a father around when I was growing up but I have the love of my husband and 3 beautiful girls. Then there is my bestfriend Mel. We share the love of having girls 2 days apart from each other. We shared the joy of being pregnant and was in the hospital at the same time. Mel also experienced the pain of losing her mother right before delivering her beautiful daughter. Then there is Monica who has the love of her wonderful husband Robby. She has also experienced the pain of losing her mother like Mel, and also her father. She has also struggled with infertility. I also have a friend named Danielle. Danielle gave birth to a boy named Cavion the same year and in the same hospital that Mel and I gave birth to our girls. But like Monica she has experienced the loss of her mother and in 2005 she lost Cavion to cancer. She is now also like Monica battling with infertility and going through the necessary treatments in order to conceive. Last but not least Chernae. She is my friend from college who also gave birth to a little girl named Precious in 1998. But like Danielle she lost Precious.

All of us come from different walks of life. We have had our share of pain but we also knows what it is like to have love, feel loved, give love, and want love. So instead of focusing on our differences, take the time to dig deeper and get to know someone before you judge them. You will be surprised to see how much you have in common. God is love. Q

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