Sunday, January 14, 2007

Just Because

Because of who You are I give You glory
Because of who You are I give You praise
Because of who You are I will lift my voice and say
Lord I worship You because of who You are
Yes I worship You because of who You are...

That is a song we sing during praise and worship. This past week that song spoke to my spirit. Often times we only seek GOD when we want or need something. We fast and pray like crazy for a breakthrough. Then we shout, rejoice, testify, and praise Him when it happens. It is always because of something and not because of "Who He is".

I heard someone say that if the Lord never does another thing for you, He has already done enough. Those words are soo very true. Thankfully we serve an awesome and loving God. Like any Father, He wants us His children to have the very best. So when we do the things that please Him, He blesses us. He doesn't have to but He does. Isn't it about time we do something for HIM?

We as humans look high and low for our definition of love. We want people to love us just as we are but yet we don't do the same for God. We want Him when it suits us or when we think we can get something out of it. When we really need to just thank Him for being Him. Everyday He keeps death away from us, everyday we have food on our tables, clothes on our back, things that we take for granted. Things that He gives to us. But what if it was all gone? Would you do like Job's wife encouraged him? She told him to curse your God and die.

No matter what happens, we need to praise God for who He is. It is He that made us. It is He who keeps us. It is He that loves us with the perfect love that only He can give because He is perfect. Jesus died so that we would not have to. He never sinned, never cussed anyone out or wrote people off like we do. Even the very people who beat Him, spat on Him, and mocked Him. He died for them too. He made the ultimate sacrafice. So instead of going to God expecting something, just praise Him and thank Him for being who He is. Q

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