Sunday, January 07, 2007

Here I am

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Yup that is a pic of me. It is kind of old. It was taken over 4 years ago. Back then my hair was relaxed and we had just moved to New Mexico. I was getting over a short bout of depression. I was sad about moving here. My best friend was in Georgia, my family was only 3 hours away. We were leaving everything we knew. Our first house, the place our kids were born, the place we met and fell in love. It wasn't serious but I did needed to snap out of it. Which I did. Unfortunately by the time I started to get my mind right and started working out, I got pregnant again. What can you do? Life happens sometimes and you just deal. Anyway, I wanted to put a face with the words. Take care Q

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CreoleInDC said...

Now THAT is hair!