Monday, May 03, 2010

Only at our house

Shortly after arriving home, B asked if she could get on the computer in the family room. As we were walking into the room, we heard a thud. B asked what was it and I said I don't know. Then she said she thought maybe it was a bird that flew into the window. We have a bay window in the room that looks out into the backyard. Low and behold, there was a bird lying on the ground barely moving. I thought maybe it was just stunned but after about an hour or so, we realized it was dead. The things that take place at this house from the mice invasion, to the killer cat, the roaming cat, and now this. We really need a reality tv show. Q

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Jacqui said...

LOL....girl, I love reading about all of the stuff that goes on at your home...keeps me chuckling throughout the

Keep 'em coming!!!