Monday, January 25, 2010

A new blog and a contest

Hey ladies and gentlemen. As promised, I have decided to start a blog dedicated to the Supremes' hair. I am stumped about what to name it so I decided to hold a contest to drum up interest and to come up with a name for the new site. This will be the featured post for the next week. All you have to do is leave me a comment with your name suggestion for the new blog. The Supremes and I will select a name we all like and agree upon and the winner will receive a gift basket from my girl who owns Jasmine's. The winner will receive in their choice of scent, a body wash, scrub and lotion set. The contest begins today and will end next Saturday January 30,2010 at 12:00am. I will announce the winner on the following Monday when the blog debuts. Good luck and spread the word. Thanks and good luck. Q


Lisa said...

Hey Q, how about "The Princess Hair Diaries?"


*Tanyetta* said...

Hair and Now!

Torricia said...

Dark Haired Beauties. I will think of more.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

I like Hair Supreme: 3 Glorious Head of Hair.

Andrea Amir said...

I like the Princess Hair Diaries, That is cute and/or something with Supreme in it.

They are too adorable.. I love hearing about them

Anonymous said...

Three Supremes’ & One Women Hair Care

Let’s Talk Supreme Hair Care

The Adventures Of Supreme Hair Care

The Supremes’ Hair Journey

Supremes’ Talk Hair

Supremes’ Hair Care Blog

Have A Supreme Hair Day

It’s A Supreme Hair Thang

3LG Hair Care Blog

I was trying to keep "Supreme" in there! However, I could only think of one w/out it (smile).


bigDEElight said...

I Got What I Came For!
Let Them Be Great!
Team Supreme
Stop Being All Identical!
YOU Ain't Living Right!

Okay, I'll be back with real names later.

bigDEElight said...

A Hair Love Supreme?
Nubienne Princesses?

Okay I'm still working.

Ann said...

A Journey into Our Natural Hair: The Supreme Journey!

Our "Supreme" Natural Hair Journey

Journey in our World of Supreme Hair! (or of having supreme hair)

-I have three natural headed girls, along with myself and I know how it is trying to comb and maintain natural hair. It is a job!-

Thanks! -Angela
brownatural at gmail dot com

Queeny20 said...

Just so yall know, it doesn't have to have Supreme(s) in it. Q

Beads, Braids, & Beyond! said...

Cool! :)

Ok I'm thinking hair should be in it, or at least something that reminds people of hair. Even though you said Supremes doesn't have to be in it, I like the name...soo...sorry if these are corny. :) lol

Three Supreme Hair Queens

Lil Supreme Hair Queens

Natural Girls Rule the World

Twists, Braids, and Curls- Oh My!

Little Girls twists, braids, and curls. (with or without Oh My!)

Three Natural Sistas (or sisters, sistas gives it a little more flare, I think.)

Three Natural Hair Sistas (or sisters)


Puffs & Stuff

Three Curly Girls

Three Curly Girls: Taking Over the World!

Mama Queeny & The Supremes talk Natural Hair (or just hair, leave out natural)

Power to the Puffs

Three Power Puffs Girls

Or...Three Power Afro Puff Girls

Playin' in Our Natural Hair

Lil Brown Girls Hair Care

Lil Brown Girls Natural Hair

Loving My Girls' Natural Hair

Queeny and the Girls

Exploring Lil Girls Natural Hair

Lil Divas Talk Hair

Lets have a hair slumber party!

ahhhh, Ok I think I'm out of names. Don't laugh either. =P

Good Luck

Mrs Fena said...




oh by the way congrats i recognize your photo from the ning hair group that were in :)