Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Jasmine's review

Let me just say, I am not paid to endorse anyone or any product. I just happen to love these products and I love supporting people who provide excellent customer service and make excellent products. But not only do I love them, The Supremes loves them and so does T. I placed my annual black Friday order to get some body products and I also tried the protein conditioner. The intense reconstructing hair treatment is wonderful!!! It is super thick and a little tacky. You have to rub it between your hands but it coats really well. You can tell it's just not some watered conditioner. It doesn't leave your hair hard at all but it def does the job.

The next new item I need to rave about is a body product of course!!! She now has massage and after bath oils and whoooo hooo I am in love. I love, love, love body oils. But I hate how oily they can be and the stains they leave on your sheets. Well not with these baby. It glides on your skin but doesn't leave you feeling like an oil slick. They absorb nicely into your body and the scents are amazing and now over-powering. Oh and I discovered a cool trick for them. The first time I used them, was right after I shaved under my arms. I didn't want to apply deodorant but I didn't want to sleep with bare pits to as I massaged the oil into my arms, I put a little in my pits as well. Can I just say wow. My pits didn't feel weird when I woke up the next morning and it was like I didn't even shave the night before. I'm in love!!!! Q

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