Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm still here

So many times, I've come close to losing my life. But I know it is because of God's grace and mercy that I am still here. Today was no different.

I was driving home from work anxious to see my family. I had one of those days. I was driving along on the highway and there was an SUV in front of me and a big concrete carrying truck in front of the SUV. All of a sudden, there was a big puff of dust. I couldn't see and I was driving straight into it. I hit my brakes to slow down some and said a quick prayer. The SUV swerved to the side and the truck quickly got off to the side as well. The truck's tire blew out and it left a trail of tire pieces and debris in the road. But God saw fit that even though I couldn't see, I was able to drive right through without hitting anything or anything hitting me. This is a main highway and is usually packed with cars during this time but today that wasn't the case. So I know the devil thought he was setting me up but to him and all the people in my life who have ever tried to stop me, discourage me, talk about me, take me out, or keep me down, I'm still here!!!

Praise the Lord. Q


cbean said...

Praise Him!

KK said...

Oh my goodness! That wasnt nothing BUT God!!!! Im so glad you're okay!