Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My new purchase!!!

You guys already know how much I lurve Todd English. I have his greenpans and they are just fabulous. I had been eying all of his products since then. The cook in me looks making things from scratch but with everything I have going on, it is getting harder and harder to do all that I would like. Well Todd came up with this wonderful idea named flavor perfections. They are these concentrated powders of different flavors made directly from the food he cooked. You basically cook the food and then sprinkle the powder on the warm food and like magic it starts to glaze on the food giving a nice sauce. The set I got came with Alfredo, Au Poivre, Bonfire Barbeque, and Mediterraean. Tomorrow I plan on using the Mediterranean on some shrimp with brocolli. Then I am going to put it on top of some brown rice. I will post pics tomorrow. I can't wait!!! Q


Anonymous said...

Hi Queeny, I love your are such an inspiration; and you have a beautiful family. I live in TX (Austin), so we're kina like homies:) Where did you purchase these, I would love to try them out ?


Thanks !

Queeny20 said...

Hey brownjay,
You can get them from but I got mine from ebay. Thanks for stopping by. Q