Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 1 discussion part 2

So now I want to focus on the significance of the 21 days. We all believe in the Holy Trinity. We also know that 7 is God's number for perfection. So we will devote 7 perfect days for each part of the God head. Praise God for that revelation!!!

I want you to think about what you would like to accomplish in the next 21 days. For some of you, these daily readings will get you into the habit of studying the word daily. For others, maybe it's the daily morning prayer that you needed. Or it may be just sharing your insight about the word like you do on here. Either way, I want all of us to take a pledge to use this time to add some Godly habits into our lives and give up something that has held us back. You don't have to post it here but I want you to write it in your journal and make a commitment to move to where you want to be in the next 21 days.

As you read the scriptures, write in your journal what it means to you. What is the scripture saying to you? How does what you are reading make you feel about your relationship? Use those questions and the answers you get in your prayer time with the Lord. Also take a look at the extra scriptures provided in order to see how God's word connects throughout the bible. Make notes in your bible as well.

Lastly, I want all of us to pray before going to bed every night. For those of you who are unsure, of how, you can simply pray Our Father, who Art in Heaven.... I will go more into praying in the next couple of days as well. I hope this first day has blessed you and know there is so much more good stuff in store for us through this journey. It is my prayer that at the end of the 21 days, we all will walk with the Lord just like Enoch did in Gen 5:24. That's how I came up with the other part of the title!!!

Also you can follow this along with some other ladies on this site right here. It is free to join and I am Queeny over there. We are taking this journey as a group named Women of the Word. Q

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cbean said...

I've learned in a bible study I lead with the church to use the "Rule of Five" when studying the Word. When a scripture is jumping out at you:

1. Read five verses before.
2. Read five verses after.
3. Meditate on the passage for five minutes.
4. Read the verse out loud five times a day.
5. Identify five ways to apply the verse we are studying to our life.

I hope this blesses someone.