Wednesday, January 23, 2008

There's a stranger in my house

I just found out someone Thomas and I are very close to has decided to do somethings that just blew us away. We consider this person FAMILY. My kids loves them, I love them, Thomas loves them, they are as close to us as anyone can without being blood related.

I have been praying, and crying, and thinking, and worrying and just going out of my mind trying to wrap my brain around this situation. It hit so close to home that Thomas and I had a serious talk. Do you think that could happen to us? What can we do to prevent it? My family unit is now out of order.

I knew this person was going through a rough time. I knew they were struggling and stressing but because I know they had a relationship with Christ, I believed they would get over it. But I also know God gives us free will and unless we submit to Him, His will can't be done in our lives.

So today I mourn and continue to pray for the person I know and love. I don't know this person who is doing these things and making such bad choices. I look forward to the day when I can reunite with the friend I know and love. Because the person they are now, is a stranger to me and they are not welcome in my home. Q

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