Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bria's hair

Bria is only 9 but she has hair like a grown woman. Actually she has enough hair for 2 grown women. I call it 3T because it is thick, it easily tangles, and she is tenderheaded. After posting on a forum I frequent, I used a combo of tricks, products, and tips and I finally was able to do her hair for once without any tears.

This first pic is of her hair washed and conditioned. You can see how thick it is.

First I pre-pooed with some castor oil and this aura glow oil mix I have. I ended up doing it over the weekend. I put her hair in 6 sections:

I washed her hair with Envia hydrating shampoo while in the sections.
Next I mixed 2/3 cup of coconut milk and 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and applied it to her hair. Then on top of it, I put the Envia hydrating conditioner. Here is a pic:

Next, I put a plastic cap on her hair. I wet and warmed a turbo twist towel and put it on so it can deep condition her hair for about 15-20 minutes.

I did a final rinse of acv, water, and castor oil. Finally, I applied Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme to each section, detangled with my fingers first and then with a bone comb and put her hair in twists. Here is the final result.

One of the ladies was generous enough to give me a gift certificate for the Buttercreme. It is pricey, $58 + shipping for a 16oz jar but it was worth it. Thanks again girlie. Q


Kameisha said...

WOW that is amazing! I will try this on my daughter! please give me the website where I can order the buttercreme from!

Queeny20 said...

Here you go kameisha . Love that name, it is similar to mine. Q

Anonymous said...

My child is on 12 months, but based on the hair she has now, I see the future and the future looks liek the first picture of your daughter's hair. I will definitiely be looking into this. I love her beautiful thick hair, but even at 12 months, I have no idea how to get it to be healthy and stay healthy.

malemegrad said...

She looks mighty happy to go through that process. My 5 year old has about the same amount of hair and I have to keep it quick for her, wash with a conditioning shampoo and a leave in conditioner!

Hijabi Apprentice said...

I heart her hair!

Queeny20 said...

malemegrad- I wish I could do Bria's hair just that easily. There is no way. I have to do all of that to help with the tangles. On top of that, she is super tender headed. Yeah it takes awhile but she doesn't cry and it doesn't hurt so it is worth it.

hijabi apprentice- Thank you. I always encourage her and tell how how blessed she is with her hair. Q