Sunday, July 09, 2006

It's our Anniversary

Hello all today Thomas and I have been married for 8 long, long, long, long, long, long years, lol. Well at least it seems long anyway. Yesterday he gave me my gifts. I got 2 Vince Carter jerseys, a Vince Carter figurine, and a dollar bill with Vince Carter on it. As you can see Vince Carter is my favorite basketball player!!! I got him a Magic bullet but it has yet to get here. He is a health nut and loves to make smoothies but the cleanup is a pain in the butt. The magic bullet allows him to make individual servings without having to clean up a big blender.

It amazes me how fast the time went by. Eight years ago we went to the JOP on our lunchbreak and got married. No one knew. My mom was mad of course, but I always did things my way. Although I do believe I should have taken pictures but other than that, it was perfect. It was just me, him, the judge, GOD, and our love. A love that has since produced 3 beautiful girls and wonderful memories. Many didn't think we would last but we are still going strong. I can honestly say that I am still happily married.

Today was also my friend Sophia's son birthday. She has 6 boys!!!!!!! I decided to have the party over here and what was I thinking? Her six, my 3, yeah that was fun. She has a 4 month old who I love and adore and I decided to keep him with us. I took her and the other 5 home and left Thomas with the baby and our 3 girls and told him I would meet him at church. Well I get to church, see the girls, and the carseat and ask about the baby. He is like "what baby". I said "Sophia's baby". He said "I thought you was playing". So I go running out the church door carseat in hand. This black man lost all color in his face and was saying "Oh my goodness, do you think he could get hurt?". I do about 50 all the way home speeding and get there. The baby is still on the bed sleep. He was in the guestroom which has a queen size bed and I had put pillows all around. He didn't even know what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the girls just ate and had a bath, baby is sleep, and I am hungry. Tomorrow I will be starting a 30 day get in shape countdown to my birthday. Thanks for looking. GOD Bless Q

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