Monday, August 10, 2009

Best birthday ever?

Okay so I've had a few great ones but this one is right up top. Last year was hard for me, real hard. I was dealing with turning 30, not reaching my goals, and not being able to share it with someone real dear to me. Although I was wrong, and she did contact me via email, it still hurt. An email is so impersonal for someone so close. So many people thought this was about them but sorry, it wasn't. Not trying to be passive aggressive or whatever but I just want to put any rumors or ASSumptions to rest about my post last year. Okay? Good. My friend doesn't even read my blog, lol. This wasn't just some everyday run of the mill person. She is so close to me, the word friend doesn't fit. She was there holding my hand as I pushed my daughter out. She was there going to bat for me when folks were spreading awful rumors. She was there for all of my previous pretty parties. But last year, she couldn't be there for me and it hurt.

But I was selfish. She needed me way more than I needed her. But this year was different and I knew it would be. I had been praying for her, not knowing when, but I knew she would be back. As much as I tried to deny it, my love for her was stronger than ever. The time, and distance only made it stronger. So I spent my birthday celebrating with my friend Jen and her new husband Shawn. They took the step into married bliss and I had a great time. I admit, I was feeling a little funny about not being with my family but they made up for it. It's nice to have friends that you can hang with like family!!! I also got to meet some of the girls I've spoken to or interacted with via forums and they were great as well. There is too much to tell but I have a new phrase, "I got what I came here for."

So imagine my surprise when I got home, I had a message from my friend, my girl, my sister. At first I was shocked and a little perplexed. Do I call? Do I wait? What do I say? Finally I just said forget it and picked up the phone. I got the voicemail but she called back. We talked, and we talked, and we talked. And she talked to Thomas, and they talked, and they talked. I got a lot of nice gifts this year, but hearing her voice and reconnecting with someone I love so much, is PRICELESS!!! My heart was smiling after we hung up. What we have, is something most people only dream of. It's not perfect but I thank God we are able to weather so many storms. Everything we've gone through has made our friendship stronger than we've ever imagined. I really think this was the best birthday ever!! Q

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