Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just fine

So I was a little down today. I realized I didn't reach my workout goal. I admit it was frustrating because I had been doing all the right things and didn't get the results I wanted. But then I looked at the bright side. Even though I am not the size I want, I am still cute. I am getting my hair did tomorrow and it is growing nicely. My stomach is flatter and I am looking more toned. I feel a lot better physically. I don't get tired as much. I am spending more time with my hubby and kids. I am just fine.

Yup I am going to go to Vegas and take pictures proudly. I am going to dress cute like always and have a good darn time. I plan on having a fabulous party to celebrate turning 30 in a few days and I know I am blessed. I am well on my way and there are great things in store for me. So in spite of the fact that I won't be able to wear my favorite jeans YET, I am just fine thank you. Q

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Felicity said...

Queeny, I want to thank you for ministrating to me. I read on your thread 'How I outsmarted the devil' and I wrote a comment. I am believing God for a certain amount of money. I go to El Shaddai International Christian Centre, in London, UK and I tithed every week, I started to recorded my voice and I have a vision board of all the things I want to come into my life, I have a lot of blemishes on my skin, I started to say, I have clear beautiful skin. I started listening to my tape on Monday and playing them back, while I am sleeping and I noticed that my legs are looking a lot better, but when it comes from money, I found it a blockage, if I say Lord, I need £10.00, I would get immediately. Larger amounts, I can't seem to manifest it. I went downstairs and I had a heavy heart and I started to repeating Philippines 4:19 'But my God shall supply all my need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus'. I started to repeat my need, then I asked the question what is my need, then I answered it. God knows and will sort out my need. Then I started talking out, what I plan to do with the money, what bank account, I going to put it in, how long it takes to clear, how I was going to spend the money, I would our home repaired, decorated every room, get a new fridge, get new kitchen God you will bring the right people to help me. There was still a terrible heaviness and my father spoke, that my mother died 10 years ago, I don't have money, I should be grateful, then it snapped, I realised that why my skin can improved, because I believed I deserved to have good skin, or my hair growing longer, or me losing weight, but I felt I only deserved a small amount, never I big enough even though I am a tither. My ex-husband, would say, I shouldn't have this or that, because I never worked for it and I don't deserve it. So I opened my mouth, and said I deserve everything good in life. I deserve to have the best, I deserve to have this house painted in every room and I deserve to have cheques and money coming in the mail. Jesus died on the cross, because I am worthy and because he felt it deserved it. I told my father that he is a worker of Satan, because he should bless me with his mouth, not belittle me, but that is why he is stuck, but I shall bless him so that he can see the light, and he was still trying to justify what my mother said and I told me that although I love my mother and I love him, but I was created for the glory of God and whatever he or she said. God has the final say, and I also acknowledge that he encouraged my elderly cousins to be rude to me, but I allowed it because I left I deserved it, however I commanded the angels to stand outside my house and if anyone is coming to be rude, by the blood of Jesus, they are not coming in. My father said I can't do that, I said, yes I am, because I am in the body of Christ and I am the church and the gates of Hell cannot prevail. He started screaming in shock, I can't do this and that and I left him. I realised some black women put up with the rubbish men and the rubbish statistics, because if you check up, they believe they deserved it, so how ever educated you are, it you don't believe you deserve the best, you will never get the best. I say I deserve this x amount of money, I will save some, enjoy some and tithe some for more and I thanked God and that heaviness is gone, I feel free. So all I have to say, thank you for your wonderful blog and you have inspired me to write on my blog, You deserve it. Thank you once again. Bless wishes