Thursday, March 20, 2008


I remember hearing when I was younger, "dreams are visions of reality." Well after last night's dream I believe that to be true. I was driving to the airport and got out. I was dressed looking cute yet comfortable. As I was walking toward my gate, I spoted 3 guys I knew from high school. Back then they hung out together and here they were. One in particular was my first love. His eyes got big and he smiled and said hello. He had that look as if to say, "she still looks good." I went up to him and said "congratulations." He said "thank you" and went on his way.

I got to my gate and my flight was delayed. I decided to walk around the airport. I spotted some more people I went to school with. Then as I was walking back to my gate, someone called out my name. I turned to see another ex of mine. He had a big smile and we met each other with a big hug. He chatted briefly about what was going on in our lives and then I boarded my plane.

In reality, my first love is engaged to get married. When I found out, I was very happy. I was friends with the girl he is marrying and I want nothing but the best for them. She and I recently reconnected via facebook. The second ex of mine we were always great friends. So much so that we broke up because we realized we were better off as friends rather than trying to date. We kept in contact even after high school. He attended a well known school for football and played in the NFL for awhile. I heard he had gotten married and in the dream he was excited about the prospect of his wife giving birth to their first child.

I woke up this morning happy. Happy to know 2 people who have a special place in my life are happy. I am blessed beyond belief and I want the same for them. I know some people would scratch their heads as to why I would dream about two men from previous relationships. But to me it is testimony to how mature I am and how far God has brought me. I have no ill will or lingering feelings for either of them. I appreciate them and the role they played in my life back in high school. I am happy to see how they have matured into wonderful, successful, black men. So today because of my dream, I said prayer for them and their families. I prayed for their marriages, their children, their spouses, and for God to continue to bless them. I do look forward to seeing them again one day and greeting them with a smile just like I did in my dream. Q

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