Friday, February 15, 2008

Some Tee day food pics

I was too busy laughing and eating and forgot to take pics but thankfully Tee remembered.

Here is what was left of the red velvet cake Tee and I made. She doesn't like pecans so I left them off. I have made this cake about a thousand times but I think this is the best it has ever tasted. Probably because Tee helped and I didn't have to stop and add the ingredients.

Right now, the kids are in the playroom with their grandma. Thomas, some friends, and grandpa is in the living room with the playstation. Tee and I are in my bed, under the covers, watching t.v. and acting like school girls. Today was WONDERFUL!!! Tomorrow, we go see Jill Scott and Raheem Devaughn!!! Q


gwc said...

Wow I LOVEEEEEE food and that looks so good Q.
We need to get together once I moved again and cook something up.
Hope you'll like German/Indian food.

Tee said...

Yes Yes Lawd! That was the BEST red velvet cake I have ever had!!