Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The love I lost

I purchased the cd in the pic above about 2 weeks ago. I didn't get a chance to really listen to it until this week and last week. Yesterday as I was driving home, I took the time to really listen to this one song named "Your Joy". It is a song she, Chrisette Michele wrote about her dad. It is a loving and touching song and it had me boo hoo crying as I drove home yesterday.

It reminded of the love I lost. My parents were never married and although my dad was here and there, I don't have those kinds of thoughts and emotions she has in this song for her dad. I titled this "The love I lost" because deep down inside, I have to believe that love she speaks of was there at one time. At one time I was on my way to feeling the way she feels. My dad and I are close now but those moments that I wanted and needed as a little girl... Those moments that probably would have made me love myself more when I was younger... Those moments that should have shown me how it feels to be loved by a man, the first man, except for GOD.... Those moments I don't have.

I cried not only for myself but for all the little girls and boys who wished they could feel like that for their dad. I cried because I was happy to hear someone else have those memories. I cried because I know my daughters will have those memories. They have an awesome father. It still amazes me how GOD confirms the very thing you are thinking about. Later last night, Kaliyah came to the living room complaining of a stomach ache. I was ready to dismiss it as her trying to put off going to bed. Her dad asked her about her stomach, talked to her, and then said "come here so we can pray for you". Then right there he laid his hand on her and I put my hand on her head and Thomas began to pray for her. It was something he often does but this time, I made my heart cry with joy. I know just like Chrisette is to her dad, my girls are a joy to their father and they have the love I lost. Q

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foreverloyal said...

My dad was just kinda ok. So like you I am glad that my husband is an awesome father.