Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fun times

As many of you know, I am apart of several message boards. There is a main one which has allowed me to meet some wonderful people who I now consider friends. My husband thinks they are all serial killers posing as women, :lol: Anyway, I received a message from a member stating she would be in New Mexico and wanted some info on places to shop. I gave her my number in hopes we could meet up. We were finally able to connect last night and fun times were had by all.

She brought along someone she had met at the training she was attending and we decided to go to Chili's just to eat and talk. There names are Natalie and Chelsea. I forgot to bring my camera but they had theirs and I will update with pics when they email them to me. It was great to meet with 2 beautiful, smart, women who are doing the darn thing. Chelsea is a teacher and she is attending Howard University to get her master's degree. Natalie has her master's, she is also a teacher and, she is currently teaching in Brazil.

Who says fabulous women can't have a good time without drama? Humph!!! Q

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