Thursday, June 14, 2007

July 11, 2007 Phoenix ,Arizona

So I saw Trey Songz and Ne-yo in concert. I have been recovering from that and putting in a lot of hours with our summer tutoring program and have not been able to post as much.

Here is my recap of the concert and some pics (I'll add them later).

Trey came out and performed mainly new songs but also did about 3 or 4 from his old one. I showed up with a blue shawl and matching flower in my hair. I think it worked because he pointed and sang to me 3 times. Then he came out in the crowd and held my hand. All those little girls began to fight to get next to me because they were wondering why he kept focusing on me. I told one of them it was because I was happily married and he doesn't stand a chance at getting me.

Then Ne-yo came out and his dancers were fierce. When he sang "Do You" during the part that says "if she looks anything like her mother, she's the prettiest thing in this world" he stood right in front of me, kneeled down a little, and pointed at me and sung. Then at one point I focused on his dancers and they waved and winked at me. My friend Veronica was like "darn Q even the dancers like you". After the show we paid to go meet and greet him. They told us we would have a cover signed, but not personalized, and could only take a pic. Well when it was my turn to get to the table, he looked up with this big kool aid smile, shook his head and said "I remember you from the front row". I smiled and laughed. So then I told him that my friend and I drove 7 hours from Albuquerque, and would have to drive 7 back tonight just to see him and that he really needs to come to Albuquerque and to make sure he sings "Go on Girl". He said okay I will remember that. Then he stopped and was like, "you really drove that far" and I said yeah. Then all of a sudden he gets up, walks from around the table, passed his 3 bodyguards and walks up to me and says "you have got to give me a hug for that, that is wonderful". Yall this wasn't a quick type hug. I mean he hugged me and rocked and was said "thank you so much, I really appreciate that". So you know I had the haters looking wondering what I said because he didn't do that for anyone else. Then as we were leaving, he was signing for someone else and he looked up and said "yall have a safe trip back and I hope to see you again". I yelled "just come to Albuquerque"!!!!

So a lot of the girls thought I was their age and was shocked to know I was older. I exchanged numbers with some and they wanted my myspace page so they could keep in contact with me. I told them, it was the flower, I put a spell on it, lol. Q

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