Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Misery loves company

I don't get people who have nothing better to do than be messy, childish, and silly. I don't and I won't. I believe those people are very unhappy inside and their coping mechanism is to drag others down with them. Miserable people are always looking for company. Decline the invitation to join them. I am a very open and honest person. I admit I am very flawed and I've made some mistakes. But I don't let my past dictate my future or keep me from being who God called me to be. I understand we all make mistakes, but I can't accept not owning them and moving on from them.

I usually don't give folks the time of day but I am addressing this because someone dear to me was upset so I figured I'll clear the air. I tweeted last night about Fantasia messing with a married man. It was retweeted by several people. Apparently someone took issue with it and got all in a tizzy trying to call me a liar and urging folks to call me on it. *BLINK* No seriously they did. Like a little high school child looking for friends to back them up. LOL You see I was very active on a message board. I've told a lot about the good and bad in my life. There was a time when I hated men and didn't love myself and so I used them. No I wasn't sleeping with a bunch of dudes in order to get stuff but I was using them. I had my standards. I had one main boyfriend who I was with in every way if you know what I mean and he was the only one in that aspect. I was very clear about boundaries and never crossed them. (This is why I tell girls they don't have to give "it" away in order to get what they want.) I learned then that men loved the chase. It was the hope of one day bedding me that kept them coming around.

I started dating another guy who was in a relationship as well. I thought it was perfect. My boyfriend was long distance and now I had someone near by. I didn't have to worry about him bothering me as much or so I thought. Long story short he ended up getting engaged and yes I was the other woman. They never married, I broke it off with him soon after he got engaged although he had a hard time letting me go. I was the one who didn't give up the goodies and I think it bothered him. So much so that he started stalking me. Long story short, I learned some hard lessons about playing with folks feelings and using them.

So you see, I've NEVER been with a married man. In all of my trifling, pre-Jesus ways, the devil in me had a limit. Was what I did wrong, yes. Would I do it again, NEVER. Is it different from Fantasia, yes and no. Yes because he was taken too. No because being married with kids is totally different than being engaged. Does this make me a hypocrite, no. I KNOW what I did was wrong and who best to speak on a situation like this than me? But I never slept with the guy and why would I when he was getting it from someone else at home. I told yall I had standards. LOL

I am sure someone is out there now trying to find proof to discredit me but they won't. It speaks volumes about them than it does about me. This was over 12 years ago and I freely admitted to this several times. Not to brag but to offer another side to the topic and to show how far I've come in my life. Reading is fundamental and tricks are for kids. Never worry about folks who try to bring you down. You pray for them and let God deal with it. I know it's hard at times but I have peace knowing God is fighting my battles.

Leave miserable people to their own devices. If you ignore them, you win. Don't stoop down to their level, make them come up to yours. So when you encounter those miserable people who are so quick to try to call you out, discredit you, or speak ill of you, tell them "it's called a life. Get you one. Stop worrying about mine." Now RUN TELL DAT!!! Q

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jazzy894 said...

I'm going through some stuff and this post is right on time for me. Many Thx Que!