Thursday, July 09, 2009

Happy Anniversary to meeeee!!!!

Today dh and I celebrate 11 years of marriage. I can honestly say without a doubt, I would marry him all over again. Each year with him has been better than the last. He is a great husband, father, lover, friend, and provider. He loves me for me, he really loves the Lord, he has a great relationship with the Supremes, and he gives to others. Earlier this year he got a citizen's award for his charity work in the community, this past week, he got the sharp troop award. He is quiet and humble but he has a big heart. He is the kind of man every woman should have and the kind I pray the Supremes marry. After all this time, you are still the one!!!


LongHairDontCare said...

congratulations to you, que!!! may god continue to bless your union!

Sheree said...

Marriage is so respected. There's just something holy about married people. I love it.

monicac2 said...

Happy belated anniversary - what a blessing!