Saturday, December 15, 2007

It is that serious

A few weeks ago I went to Target to get some more hair crack, I mean pantene relaxed and natural hair mask. To my surprise they were on sale but unfortunately, they were sold out. Off I went to another Target and they were sold out there. I went to the register and chatted up with this girl who was 6'4" and got a rain check for 9 of them. I would go to Target and check at least once a week and still no hair masks. I was getting a little worried because I only have a little left.

Today I went to finish up my x-mas shopping across town where I usually don't go. The store I went into was crowded but I noticed a Target and decided to go in there. First I check to make sure I had my rain check receipt and then headed to the hair aisle. I am walking fast almost running. My palms are sweating and my heart is racing. My eye catches a glimpse of some brown products. I move in closer and see a small jar. Then I see another one and another one. I look around trying to find a cart, a basket or something. At first I was just going to try to carry them all. Finally I found a basket and ran back over. I did a quick count and guess what, they had 9 available. I put them in my cart and headed to check out.

A little girl in front of me looked and I gave her the "and what" look. I gave the cashier my rain check receipt and she said "this is for 9." I said, "yes I have 9 right there." She smiled and I told her "you just don't know how good this stuff is and it is hard to find." I left feeling good.

Yall just don't know how good this stuff is for my hair. I can't speak for anyone else and it may not work for you but I was tempted to get a texturizer because detangling was becoming too much. Now that I use this mask, I am in hair heaven and I know I will be a natural for life!!! Q


nappity4b from LHCF said...

LOL - I did the same thing when I found out it was on sale!. Your hair is absolutely beautiful. Have you tried the relaxed and natural wrapped and set lotion. I'm having trouble with roller setting so as practice I rollerset the top front of my hair- I did use NTM triple moisture as a leave in though. My ends weren't frazzled at all and I finally had some shine to my hair!. I think when I get ready to rollerset again- Im going to try this!

lawyer2be371 lhcf said...

How are you using this product on your hair?

Queeny20 said...

@lawyer2be371- It is a conditioner that detangles my hair and leaves it really soft. Q

Anonymous said...

Now don't be going around threatening little girls with mean looks. WWJD???, LOL