Monday, August 06, 2007

When good friends do not so good things

Have you ever done something that caused a rift in one of your friendships? If you were at fault, what did you learn from it? How were you able to move on? Q

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CreoleInDC said...

You think too much. Everyone will get mad at you at least once ESPECIALLY people who love you. ESPECIALLY them. Think about how many times you've been mad at a family member. LOL!

The thing I always focus on is how the situation was handled afterwards...was there disrespect or did everyone come away feeling like they'd gotten off their chest what needed to come off. See...when folks hold stuff in it eats at them and they don't have room for anything else...but me...I get it out and off my chest and then I can continue on with the love.

It was wonderful having you guys here and oh my GOODNESS are the girls ADORABLE!

I loved Thomas...I loved the girls...and I loved having you here Queeny. I'm just upset that we didn't have time to hang as I had a little cake and ice cream planned for your birthday with a few friends coming over. LOL!

I love you Queeny and please know we're JUST FINE! I get mad at my sister 4 times a week and I'll be danged if she doesn't get mad at me 7 times a week. ROFL! What Imma do? Disown her? I'd rather cut off my arm.